We recommend MyMemorial as an online resource for Australian memorial options

MyMemorial has been created to provide information on burial and cremation memorial options that are on offer in memorial parks within NSW and QLD. MyMemorial is a great place to see a wide range of options, all in one place.

Choosing a place with a permanent memorial where family and friends can visit is something worth considering. A lasting memorial is an important part of saying a final goodbye to a loved one, yet in the past it has been difficult to get information on the options available to help capture the spirit of each individual.

Memorials can be as personalised as you desire and can be reflective of your cultural and religious requirements. Whether you are looking for a permanent memorial for a burial or a cremation, including;

  • A lawn burial, garden burial a burial with a headstone, a family burial estate, or an above ground burial in a crypt, vault or mausoleum
  • A cremation niche, a garden position, a family cremation estate, or
  • Another kind of memorial option