When someone dies many and varied issues can arise. One of the most fundamental is how the deceased should be remembered after the funeral service has been conducted. At such an emotionally charged time, it’s a significant decision which should not be made in haste, without due consideration to the significant consequences that may arise.

A memorial can be:

  • A permanent, physical location, using a marker such as a plaque or headstone
  • An online memorial where family and friends can share their memories and pay tribute regardless of where they are in the world

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Physical Memorials    Online Memorials

Choosing a place with a permanent memorial where family and friends can visit is something worth considering for a number of very important reasons.

A memorial is a focus for reflection and can be a permanent marker for a life lived where family and friends and future generations can come to remember and pay their respects to their heritage.

Memorials provide a place to remember.