Cost & Expenses

The main components in the cost of a funeral are:

Coffin, Casket or Urn

The difference between coffins and caskets is simply the design – coffins are tapered at the head and foot, and are wider at the “shoulders”. Caskets on the other hand are rectangular in shape.

Our recommended service providers offer a large and varied selection of coffins and caskets to meet the needs of all - from simple veneered particleboard to solid or carved timber to metal caskets, which are air and water-resistant, to completely personalised options via LifeArt.

An urn is a covered container of wood, metal, pottery or other material used to store the cremated remains - the ashes.

Prices vary according to quality of materials, design and construction.

Funeral Director Fees

The following services are the Funeral Company’s fees and will be fully explained and documented by your Funeral Director:

Professional fees:

  • Professionally trained staff respond to funeral inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Arrange and co-ordinate the Funeral Service
  • Attend to relevant administration and legal documents such as death certificates, doctors certificates, burial and cremation orders
  • Assist with the organisation of music, singers, organist etc.
  • Referral to counselling agencies and support groups if requested
  • Care for, and preparation of, the deceased
  • Attend and conduct the funeral service during normal working hours
  • Liaise with clergy, cemeteries / crematoria, florists, newspapers etc.
  • Notify and liaise with organisations and clubs (RSL, service clubs etc) and provide flags, insignia etc. for the funeral ceremony
  • Pre-planning information
  • Support services

Facilities and Equipment - availability and use of equipment including:

  • Mortuary
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Chapel
  • Provision of grief literature
  • Offices and funeral arrangement rooms
  • Viewing rooms


  • Provision and maintenance of specialised funeral fleet
  • Transfer of the deceased from place of death
  • Hearse on day of funeral, within a 70km radius
  • Mourning Car where available

Burial or Cremation

Burial: Involves the purchase of a gravesite or crypt, the right of interment, opening/closing fees and maintenance. This is normally purchased from the cemetery with the assistance of a Funeral Director. Costs will vary depending upon the cemetery.

Cremation: Involves the cost of conducting the cremation, preparing the cremated remains and at most crematoria, a hire fee for the chapel. The funeral director make these arrangements for you. The crematorium will contact you to arrange for memorialisation or collection of the cremated remains.


Memorials consist of a large variety of choices such as plaques, headstones or monuments and cost will depend upon individual budget, selection of burial, cremation or crypt and any religious considerations. As with funeral arrangements, your funeral director can organise contact with the Cemetery or Crematorium to purchase a memorial.

The person responsible for paying the funeral account is the one who signs the authorisation for the funeral to be conducted. A prepaid funeral plan will eliminate or reduce costs at the time of arranging a funeral, depending on the type of contract.

If you wish to discuss funeral costs in more specific detail, please feel free to contact us. We are always available for advice and there is never any obligation on your part.