Funeral Directors are no different to any other professional person whom you may need to call on for a specialised service, such as a doctor, solicitor or accountant. When selecting Funeral Directors you should carefully consider their qualifications, facilities and ability to service your needs. 

Funeral Directors are there to make the process simpler for you. Funeral directors will traditionally aid you in the funeral planning process and work with you in executing the funeral plans.

There are few services you will need that are as sensitive or as personal as those provided by funeral directors.


Our Funeral Homes believe in the value of providing total care. Our funeral services encompass educating you on funeral planning, prepaid funeral plans and funeral arrangements.

The Funeral home is here to service your needs in this time of grief. Our funeral parlours are equipped to providing you with the very expert care. We have a range of funeral plan and services from which to select from to make the process as easy as possible for you.


Arranging prepaid funerals means most of the decisions and information are already recorded, taking both the financial and emotional burden away from family and friends at such a difficult time.

Some of the main benefits to you of arranging a prepaid funeral are:

You will feel better knowing that your affairs are in order. 
It is a great relief to know that your wishes will be carried out. It allows you to consider the alternatives and make decisions at your leisure, without the pressure of an imminent funeral. 
It enables you to arrange your own funeral details and pay for tomorrow’s chosen funeral at today’s prices.


Funeral advice provides you with a cemetery search services listing 12 of the top cemeteries available Australia wide. The cemetery list will include cemeteries and crematoria in NSW and Queensland. Many of the cemetery listings have a fine heritage - places like the Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium in Sydney, or Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens in Brisbane, have been places of memories and tranquillity since the 1930's. 


There are a number of funeral parlours located throughout Australia.

Funeral directors aid you in the funeral planning process and can work with you in executing a funeral plan. 
The funeral director can provide information on the funeral services available to you. This information can include researching funeral parlours, finding funeral homes and in organising prepaid funerals.

A funeral that takes place in Australia does not have to have an Australian funeral director, even if it is held in a funeral parlour in Australia. Funeral directors are available who speak a variety of different languages, specialise in funerals from different cultures such as Catholic funerals and have special expertise in conducting the funeral in accordance with the customs and rituals of a wide variety of different cultures.


The Funeral Advice website includes a cemetery list. This cemetery listing includes cemeteries in New South Wales and Queensland. 


A cremation is held in a crematorium. If you wish to organise a prepaid funeral, a crematorium plan can be drawn up. This will include information such as the crematorium where you would like your cremation to be held, the type of music you select and the variety of flowers you would like provided on the day. 
If a loved one is overseas and wants to be buried in a cemetery in Australia the assistance of Australian funeral planners is freely available.

Australian funeral directors are located throughout Australia and ideally a director should be selected who is located geographically close to the Australian funeral home and cemetery of your choice. 

One way to take the pressure off your family in a time of grief and to ensure you have a typically Australian funeral (if that is what you wish) is to organise a pre paid funeral. All arrangements can be included in your Australian funeral plan. This can be planned to the finest detail such as selecting an Austrailan made coffin and of course the Australian cemetery of your choice.