Coping with Grief

Grief is a very natural and normal reaction which we go through whenever our lives are challenged by change, loss or death. Yet, something so natural as grief is often not well understood in our society. This means people’s needs are often misunderstood, leaving them feeling anxious, hurt and alone.

When you first learn of the death of someone you love, you can go into shock. Then you may try to deny it. “No. He can’t be dead. I only talked to him yesterday. It must be a mistake.” These are natural reactions - in fact, they are the first stage of the grieving process. Understanding your grief won’t necessarily lessen the pain, but it can help you survive such a distressing time.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught how to prepare for the death of someone close to us, although grief is one of the strongest emotions we’ll ever have to bear. It can produce feelings of loss, helplessness and sadness that are very difficult to cope with.


MyGriefAssist is an online grief resources website created to help you through your journey of grief.

MyGriefAssist is an online grief resources website where you will find a broad range of helpful information on loss and grief.

The website aims to bring you practical, contemporary information in the form of easy-to-read factsheets, book lists, videos and links to support services. For something a little different, "Inspirations" have been created, such as postcards, quotes, poetry, songs and movie titles, all themed around loss and grief, growth and new beginnings.

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